Registered Dental Hygienist

Where you’re from/live: Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA. Currently living in Northlake, TX.
Education: Graduated with an Associates in Dental Hygiene from Trident College in Charleston, SC in 2016
What you love about your position: I love developing strong meaningful relationships with my patients while helping them achieve optimum oral health.
What you do for fun/fun facts: My husband Jeffrey and I  have one wild little man, Maverick and two fur babies Benji and Charli. I’m a 9 year Air Force Veteran and currently serving in the Texas Air National Guard. I enjoy spending quality time with my family, being a local tourist, exploring different restaurants, events and activities and also, planning annual trips with girlfriends.


Lead Registered Dental Assistant

Where you’re from/live: from Indiana, currently live in Fort Worth, TX
Education: Indiana State Dental Assistant Program
What you love about your position: I love getting to know each and every one of our patients. Being next to them during treatment and knowing personal things about them makes them feel more comfortable. Patients and I talk about their hobbies, their work, families, travel, and all sorts of things. It really creates a personal level of care for both of us. As well as finding out what they love and maybe don’t love about their smile, what their needs are and what is important to them. I love to be organized- our entire lab, supplies and sterilization are always organized. Sometimes patients even love to see our behind the scenes and I am always ready for company.
What you do for fun/fun facts: I love to play tennis, read a good book, and spend time with family. I also love calligraphy and doing things with my other team members.


Registered Dental Hygienist

Where you’re from/live: From New Mexico, Currently live in Argyle, TX
Education: BSDH
What you love about your position: Taking care of patients, helping them to achieve their highest level of health and have a beautiful smile, for life. I love getting to know each and every patient. I love caring for patients of all ages, and all walks of life. I read voraciously, and love to study. I am fascinated with the oral/systemic links that we see every day in the mouth, and treat each patient as a new opportunity to learn as well as to teach. The evolving understanding of the role of airway in current and future oral and systemic health is exciting! This is a wonderful time to be in dentistry, with the technological and scientific advances being made, we can now offer a superior level of oral care.
What you do for fun/fun facts: Reading, gardening, long walks and hikes in the beautiful outdoors. I especially love exploring canyons! I love classical music, and have a very special friend, a rescue horse named Buddy.


Treatment Coordinator

Where you’re from/live: Born in Ecuador. Currently live in Flower Mound, TX.
What you love about your position: I love getting to interact with such an incredible variety of patients. I also, absolutely love everyone I work with. The fact that on a daily basis we get together as a team to discuss how we can make each and every patient’s experience just THAT much better – It’s a lesson & goal I’ll always keep close to my heart.
What you do for fun/fun facts: Volunteer with the Flower Mound Police Dept. I’ve always had a second job (to force myself to NOT sit and watch Netflix all weekend.) I save extra funds to take care of my parents in the future. I absolutely love to sing and dance; all the time! Grocery store playing Elton John – it’s on. I’m also exceptional at pumpkin carving; a talent discovered on accident.


Business Manager & Treatment Coordinator

Where you’re from/live: Grew up in West Texas (Midland/Odessa Area) currently live in Trophy Club, TX.
Education: BS in Mathematical Engineering from West Texas A&M & MS in Numerical Analysis from UTA
What you love about your position: I love helping our patients, our team members and other business owners find a way to achieve their dreams. I am very passionate about the role of the dental team in a patient’s life. I truly am empathetic to each and every patient like family. I love to learn anything I can about the dental field.
What you do for fun/fun facts: I love to bake beautiful creations as well as enjoy adaption recipes to gluten and corn free versions.  I love decorating, making flower arrangements and watching movies.

Jenna Kenney

Hygiene Coordinator

Where you’re from/live: Hurst, TX
Education: B.S. in Biology from The University of Arkansas-woo pig sooie!
What you love about your position: I love getting to know our patients and working with an awesome team who always has my back. I love being able to greet the patients as the come through the door and asking them about their day. I am usually the first person they see and the last and enjoy being a familiar face for each and every patient.
What you do for fun/fun facts: I enjoy spending time with my friends,family and hanging out with my cat, Phoebe (I’m definitely a crazy cat lady). I love tacos, reading, and coffee. Oh! And my favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I’m a huge fan of the Razorbacks and sleeping in.


Financial/Insurance Coordinator & Registered Dental Assistant

Where you’re from/live: Born and raised in Santa Ynez, CA, and got to Texas as soon as I could! I currently live in Argyle, TX.
Education: Allan Hancock College of Dental Assisting
What you love about your position: The start of my journey in the industry began in 2005 upon graduation and licensure. I was fortunate early on in my career to find out what type of Dental Office I belong in; an office that cares truly for the patient and their needs. I love being the funny familiar face all patients remember. I love when patients come and look for me in the office just to give me a hard time or say hello- It’s the best part of my day. I have been a chairside dental assistant since the beginning. However, in the last few years I wanted to know more about a dental office. I was fortunate in my early years to gain knowledge from a previous co-worker in California who taught me the ins and outs of dental insurance and front office. In the last two years I have increased my knowledge so much and am so thankful for Dr. Crumpton and my team to help me gain knowledge to apply to all of our patients. I could seriously go on and on… Maybe, I’ll get my own blog page and all patients can read! Haha!
What you do for fun/fun facts: Growing up in California I love camping at the beach or the desert. My heart for the desert grew and I began racing off-road trucks in the California and Mexican desert. I grew up in a heavily agriculture influenced area where I was able to learn and play with horses and cattle from a young age. In the most recent years my love for horses Reined Cow Horses and Cutting Horses grew. I met my husband Jared through the Cutting Horse shows; we love to go to horse shows and keep up with the industry. We live at a large horse breeding ranch where my husband works; and I am fortunate to play with the enormous amounts of baby horses we have yearly in my time away from the office. I love photography, crafting, shopping (outside my budget mostly), home improvement and I spend way too much time practicing my sniper skills on a video game. Ask my husband… Haha


Registered Dental Assistant

Where you’re from/live: The Colony, TX but I live in Fort Worth currently.
Education: RDA, Working on an Associates in Business
What you love about your position: The patients and constant learning.
What you do for fun/fun facts: Anything crafty, spending time with my family, and anything related to makeup. I also love projects that are challenging.