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Crowns (CEREC)

We live in an on-demand society. You can order something from a company online, and have it that day, or the next day. You can order groceries and have them delivered within an hour. You can also have any food you want from your favorite restaurant delivered to your door. Amazing times, indeed.

Most people don’t think about on-demand dental work. Most places have dental work on a waiting list. You have to wait to get braces, and then you have to wait to get them off. You have to wait to get a cavity filled. You wait to get implants. There are some dental procedures you don’t have to wait for. Now, you can get crowns for your teeth- on demand. Not sure how that would work? David Crumpton, DDS have information for you on the CEREC process.

What Are Crowns Used For?

Crowns are used to protect teeth that have been damaged in some way. The tooth may have been injured. It may have been cracked or chipped because of something you ate. You also may have cracked or chipped a tooth because you were in an accident or you sustained an injury. Sometimes, crowns are used to cover a tooth that has fractured because you clench or grind your teeth at night. There are also times your tooth is weak due to tooth decay or an infection. We have to clean out an infection or tooth decay, and that leaves your tooth weak. We put crowns on those teeth to make them stronger.

In the past, we have constructed crowns from gold or silver. However, porcelain over metal crowns is stronger than either gold or silver. They also look more like your natural teeth. In the past, crowns were made off-site. You would come in with a broken tooth, and we would make an impression of your tooth. We would then place a temporary crown on your tooth until the permanent one came in. Then, we would grind your tooth down a little and cement your crown on top. Now, you can get a crown on demand.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC Crowns are different. The acronym means Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Instead of you waiting for your crown to come in, we can make a crown for you the day you come in. With CEREC, we can use a CAD machine to use photos of your teeth. The machine uses 3D photos to make a model of your tooth. We can then use that model to mold a crown while you wait. You can walk out with your new crown that day. No more waiting for your permanent crown to come in. No more double visits.

If you want a crown on demand, why not give David Crumpton, DDS a call? You can call us at 817-678-7395. We can talk with you about the new CEREC technology, and how that can help your tooth get stronger in one day! Give our office a call today and let us make an appointment for you.


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