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Painless Dental Injections

woman smilingComprehensive dental procedures aren’t exactly the most enjoyable experiences. They make a lot of people uncomfortable, and even the option of sedation cannot completely alleviate this fear in some patients. Research has shown that fear of needles prevents as many as 40 million Americans from going to the dentist, thus putting their oral health and their overall health at risk.

Sadly, popular opinion (which is usually misinformed) carries the day on this topic which most people know little about. However, there is an option for a painless experience during dental procedures.

What is DentalVibe?

Painless dental injections are one of dentistry’s best-kept secrets. While injects can prevent pain during the procedure, patients can end up hurt during the injection process.

However, we offer the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System, which is now in its second generation of use. Multiple television networks have featured this patented, award-winning device, which has received countless positive reviews from both dentists and patients of all ages internationally. Dentists who use this method also report reduced stress during procedures.

Because it’s proven to offer pain-free dental procedures, DentalVibe’s market value is almost unlimited. No one wants to feel pain, and many modern patients are unwilling to accept like previous generations did. However, with DentalVibe, they don’t have to!

How does DentalVibe Work?

DentalVibe is portable, cordless, and safe. It uses revolutionary VibraPulse technology to send relaxing pulsations deep into the oral mucosa. Submucosal nerve receptors receive this stimulation and transfer a message to the brain, which acts to close the neural “pain gate,” so to speak. Once that happens, we can administer an intraoral injection painlessly.

By applying a small vibration to the tissues near the area of injection when the needle is injected, we can offset the pain of the needle. Why does this happen? Because when the sensations of the vibrations and the injection take place simultaneously, the vibration feeling hits the brain first and effectively prevents the patient from feeling the injection from the needle.

The vibration from the device works to overload the nerve that sends pain signals into the brain so that you won’t experience the pain of the injection. The sound the device makes provides an additional distraction. Better still, the vibration works to disperse the anesthesia after the injection so it can work at an even faster rate.

Benefits of DentalVibe

Some patients who opt for this method aren’t even aware of when the injection takes place. Many patients who have experienced DentalVibe have said that if they had access to such a method at a younger age, they would never have developed dental anxiety in the first place. This method is an excellent option for reducing dental anxiety in children.

Fillings and even root canals don’t hurt, but an injection does! But not with DentalVibe. Thanks to this technique, patients of all ages no longer need to fear the needle.

At David Crumpton, DDS, we truly care about their patients, and we don’t want them to suffer if we can avoid it. With our high-end technology, we can deliver a dental experience you never imagined possible.

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